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Request: portret of loving mum

portret in opdracht

portret of a loving mum:

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    Karien Verhagen (zondag, 15 april 2018 15:39)


Arts and Crafts movement inspires, what in the 18th century was a reaction against a perceived decline in standards that the reformers associated with machinery and factory production, nowadays is remodelled in "the consumer society". Lack off appreciation for what is crafted, shaped by nature, with it's own flaws I think  gives it its own identity, is replaced by overreproducted plastic remakes, polluting.

As noticed already in the Renaissance when art and society parted, " an ugly world with unhappy people arises", and history keeps repeating.

And so I am enjoying arts and crafts, " without dignified, creative human occupation, people become disconnected from life" - William Morris (1834-1896)